Select Searches
Our SelectSearches technology provides effective solutions to more efficiently locate and
navigate themed information and resources. We have systems to locate special
information and resources that can be aggregated, edited, formatted and distributed
using varied informational mediums (

SelectSearches are based on thematic search protocols using a composite of unique
algorithms. Our themed-searching systems avoid misdirected and mislabeled search
Select Searches also eliminate problems from misappropriation of personal data
that often exists in standard web searches.

There is growing dissatisfaction with thematic search efforts due  misinformation and
digital mischief.  There is also increasing distrust of personal information being acquired
and misused. To avoid many of these problems, we developed technology for selective
searching (
Select Searches) and themed results.

s include:
  • Intuitive Interfaces (Easy to understand and use formats for multiple devices)
  • Navigational Gateways (Segmented access to specific information and resources)
  • Hyperlinked Themes (Interactive access  between related themed-searches)
  • Content Segmentation (Informational content  and commerce search segmentation)

Functions include:

  • Language Logic (Logical ordering of words and phrases to optimize algorithms)
  • Natural Linguistics (Use of natural language variations to enhance search results)
  • Thematic Algorithms (Correlations between searches to link many specific themes)
  • Proprietary Content (Access to proprietary content and archives for specific data)
  • Human Intelligence (Oversight by researchers to determines relevance of  content)

Uses include:

  • Specialty Publishing (Special reports with formatting for multiple devices)
  • Virtual Expositions (Cloud expositions with formatting for specific themes)
  • Interactive Exchanges (Thematic exchanges of custom content uses)
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