CommuniPortals can be configured as private portals with selected audiences access.

Specific portals can have special themed content and provide ongoing content updates.

CommuniPortals allow the personalization of thematic content to individuals and groups.

User can have access to thematic
Select Searches themed research and InfoArchives

Individualized theme portasl use CommuniExhanges technology for grouped interests.

Empirical activity and user analytics is provided with security and personal protection.

Multiple media formats in
CommuniPortals allow text, audio, visual and video content.

Relational databases for custom usage and analytics for empirical patterns and trends
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We use proprietary portal technology that adapts to specialized needs and uses.

CommuniPortals allow interactive between users and informational services.

CommuniPortals increase the interaction between audiences and InfoMedia impact.
Innovations in Infomation and Interaction
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