Expozines™ were developed with proprietary systems to provide unique solutions for
accessing theme-related information and resources.  Using merged-media technologies,
Expozines can combine audio, visual and text mediums.  Our systems allow selective
options for digital, physical and virtual formats.

These combinations enhance informational media (
InfoMedia) experiences for segments
of the market that prefer having options to include traditional mediums with digital and
virtual mediums. This media convergence enhances the access and delivery of themed
information and related resources.

Using our
SelectSearches™ technologies and systems, Expozines can be configured to
deliver the capability of presentations for interactive resources with articulate features.
These systems increase security for accessing information and resources without
misdirection, misinformation or problematic content.

Our merged-media combinations allow content marketing and in-depth presentations
with collateral materials specifically for selective audiences. With these format options,
Expozines provide continuing access and a continuity of experiences and can also be
valuable for sharing and repeating usage.

Expozines have packaged media options using our C-Case™ technology to
combine media packaging with print and disc media.
Expozines physical media provide
for specialty markets.  Our packaged media have been used as an industry
innovation for over three decades.
Merged-Media with InfoMedia Systems
Select Searches and InfoExpos Technology
Combinations of Audio, Visual and Text Meda
Provided in Digital, Physical and Virtual Formats
Innovations in Information and Access to Resources
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