Special Theme Examples
Integrative       Biomechanics
Almost everyone seems to know some things about body mechanics and ergonomics.
But, few know enough to effectively apply appropriate techniques for their daily activities.  
Integrating posture, movement and balance with ergonomics and human factors
Infomedia solutions to prevent or alleviate musculoskeletal problems






A Special InfoMedia Series
Easy Ergos for Every Body
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Custom Topics and Content Examples
Techniques and technologies
for walking, running and hiking

The values of your proper daily
use of limbering and stretching

The new ergonomics for new
communication technology
Ergonomic solutions for
personal caregivers

Avoiding many problems
connected with text neck

Applying good ergonomics
while you drive vehicles

Home entertainment setup
for screens and seating

Reducing many common
distractions while driving

Strategies for improving
sleep and rest ergonomics

Ergonomic considerations
for traveling and lodging

Selecting the appropriate
equipment for workouts

Choosing correct shoes,
clothing and accessories
Prevention to reduce falling
problems for adults of all ages

Special considerations for
senior and elder biomechanics

Pregnancy and infant posture
and balance challenges
Reducing absenteeism and
presenteeism problems

Improved ergonomics uses
for arthritis challenges

Reducing the problems from
using bags and backpacks

Advanced ergonomic for
computer devices and tablets

Selecting the appropriate
exercises for your body type

Choosing supplements for
your biomechanics wellness

Sitting and standing benefits
of workstation activities

Using home ergonomics for a
variety of household tasks

And, we provide custom
special audience features
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Human bodies developed before being faced with increasingly
complex musculoskeletal challenges for our current lifestyles,
workstyles, tasks and technologies.   We provide solutions for the
most common musculoskeletal problems by using an integrative

whole person approach
for improving personal body mechanics.
Our programs help you to learn how to listen to your body using
a range of content that always includes techniques that improve
individual health, safety and wellness.  Musculoskeletal problems
are generally cumulative effects.  These problems are major
causes of pains, medical visits and pain medications.
These programs combine multiple InfoMedia formats for editions,
expos, portals and exchanges. We use a composite focus that
includes body mechanics, physiology, engineering, kinetics,
cognitive media and psychology to provide tips and techniques
related to the increasingly complex demands on our bodies.






" Providing solutions for people's problems                         using our informational media technology"