Additional Benefits
Reduction of resource consumption required by physical expos.  
Expozines technologies for print-on-demand and for printed materials.  
Increases privacy and security for both individuals and for their companies.
Attendance by audiences to preselected access or for composite access features.  
Selective invitation for access or participation to special theme-specific presentations.
Powered by our Select Searches technology, we are able to create a diverse
and expansive range of informational media (
InfoMedia) that provide unique
opportunities for attendees, exhibitors and presenters to interact using
presentations, thematic promotions, content marketing and print-on-demand.

CommuniExpos utilize features that combine enhanced communications with
increased interactivity. And, most importantly, our informational expositions
InfoExpos) "fit the times".  Over recent decades, physical expos have
dramatically declined in attendance and exhibitor usage.

This shift is primarily due to the increasing constraints on time, motion and
economics.  Additionally, the overarching ability to access information with digital
media and digital devices has changed our methods for information access.  

We developed the technologies and techniques to combine some of the best
elements of expositions, conferences and trade shows to continue supplying vital
links to information and resources. We  provide easy to access formatting with
mediums that work on computers, tables, pads, e-readers and phones.
Unique Features
Expanded access to more exhibitors and information
Increased contact and interaction on an ongoing basis
Elimination of time, travel and economic costs of expos
Streamlined access using navigation for thematic searches
Creation of both themed networks and interactive communities
The ability to have instant access to
InfoExpos from homes and offices
Access from stationary and mobile devices without geographic limitations
Media-on-demand with cloud content to have access and re-access at any time
Merged-media that combines varied
InfoApps  for report and exhibit presentations
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Interactive Access to Themed Resources